Arcanix.jpg Above Lake Galifar’s shores float the towers of Arcanix. They hover, unmoving and untroubled by wind or rain, their labyrinthine corridors house mentors and students who explore the mysteries of magic as they have since the great institution was founded nearly 1.000 years ago.

The floating castles contain classrooms and laboratories, cells for students, and apartments for mentors. Great libraries hold the collected lore of generations, with rituals and spells bound in dusty tomes. Hidden vaults contain great treasures and dangerous items, some unearthed by adventuring wizards, others created by the mighty mages who have lived here.

The village also known as Arcanix spreads out below the towers, supplying the mages with foodstuff, clothing, and other materials they need to continue their work. Most people reach the towers by magical means: for others, the Village rents hippogriffs to bear visitors to the fortresses for a modest fee.



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