Character Creation Guidelines


Character creation for ItSotLW will follow a slightly different flow that that of most campaigns. There are a few additional steps and considerations. Feel free to have one or more character concepts in mind before we meet for the character generation session, but make sure you’re flexible, and don’t have anything etched in stone. We will be creating a group with connections to one another from the beginning, and not a collection of random individuals who met in a tavern.

1. Party Connections. These will be determined first, before any other step in character generation—each player’s character will have a defined connection to the others prior to play.
2. Nationality: Most people of Khorvaire identify with a nationality before they do with a race or a profession. All characters should be from one of the Five Nations; see Nations for a description of each and make your selections.
3. Race: see Races of Khorvaire for allowable races.
3a. Languages: See Khorvairan Languages.
3b. Starting Age: Minimum of young adult for characters’ races at the campaign’s start.
4. Class: Any from PHB; The Mystic Class
4a. Starting Level: 1st
5. Ability Score Generation: Standard array—15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.
6. Alignment Restrictions: No Evil alignments; the fewer Chaotic Neutral individuals, the better.
7. Background: see New Backgrounds and PHB 125-141.
8. Background Feat: All characters will begin with one feat selection available, in addition to any gained from race; see Background Feats for more on the feats that may be selected with this background feat.
9. Starting Money & Equipment: Per Class & Background selection. Don’t forget to roll your trinket.
10. Come Together: After character creation is complete, describe your journey to Sharn. Decide as a group which Patron (see the NPCs with the Patron tag) your group has gathered under, and how you came to join their service. Each player should also choose a lifestyle for their character, and determine their residence and living expenses in Sharn.


Character Creation Guidelines

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