Metropolis, Population 92,500


The city of Fairhaven is the largest in Aundair and the seat of royal power. The city, only recently deemed the capital when the original capital Thaliost fell to Thrane in 977 CY, is always abustle with activity. The city features a House Lyrandar airship docking tower at Chalice Center as well as a House Orien Lightning Rail station.

Fairhaven has been divided into twelve wards by the city planning district in an effort to better manage the resources of the city. Although the city adheres to the Galifar Code of Justice in many ways, Queen Aurala treats the city as her own personal domain requiring express permission for everything from law to trade to religious worship.

Murmurs of an underground movement to overthrow the royal family pass through the streets daily, but the Royal Eyes of Aundair are ever vigilant to thwart those efforts.



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