Large city, Population 24,500

Thaliost is a large city in what is now northern Thrane. The area, and the city, used to be part of Aundair, but was confirmed as Thrane territory by the Treaty of Thronehold at the end of the Last War after having been originally captured 80 years before in 926 YK. The citizens still largely consider themselves Aundairan and are torn between bitterness at their political abandonment by their homeland and anger at the seemingly harsh theocratic regime that currently rules the area with a necessarily firm hand.

Riots and small acts of disturbance are not rare occurances and because of this, Thrane has a large garrison of knights in the city, who mostly maintain order.

The city’s White Arch Bridge used to connect via Lightning Rail to the city of Rekkenmark in Karrnath across the Scions Sound, but has not been repaired since the bridge was destroyed by order of King Kaius I in 899 YK.



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